Words of the Week!

Dilettante- A person who is interested in something like the arts, but does not really know a lot about it.

Recidivist- A criminal who repeats the offense

Robust- Strong

Plight- Suffering/Bad situation

Complicity- Participating in a crime

Arbor- Related to the earth or trees

Eulogy- Tribute (+) for someone who died

Felicity- Great happiness

Felicitous- Pleasing/lucky (+)

Elan- Feeling of inspiration or enthusiasm

Stock- Lineage

Ineluctable- Inescapable

Diffident- Shy/lacking self-confidence

Restive- Impatient

Avail- To do something to no avail is to do something and have it not work out.

Futile- A futile attempt is to do something that does not work out.

Enmity- Hatred

Mirth- Happiness/laughter

Perspicacious- Shrewd/having insight