ISEE and SSAT Tests

ISEE and SSAT Tutoring

What are the ISEE and SSAT Tests?

  • The ISEE and SSAT are entrance exams for private K-12 schoolsAkiva & Ivi 2
  • Students entering 9th grade take the upper level version of either test.
  • Most students do not need to take both tests.
  • Consult the admissions office of the schools your child is interested in to find out which test they prefer.
  • Most day schools prefer the ISEE, while many boarding schools prefer the SSAT.
  • The ISEE test is graded with stanine/percentile scores.
  • To gain admission to elite NYC area day schools like Horace Mann, Riverdale Country School, and Fieldston, students need ┬ástanine scores of 7+. Other schools like Dwight Englewood, Dwight, Solomon Schechter, etc.. are more flexible with minimum score requirements.

Tutoring Solutions Group in Englewood Cliffs New Jersey provides comprehensive preparation for the SSAT and ISEE Tests.

Tutoring Solutions Group (TSG) provides tutoring and courses for the Act and SAT, comprehensive preparation for the SSAT and ISEE Tests, K-12 enrichment tutoring and more. Our students come from both elite private and public schools and attend the top Ivy League and liberal arts colleges in the United States. Our tutoring services are available throughout the NYC tri-state area. We conduct classes at our learning center in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey as well as in area schools. Please contact us for more information.

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