Important Vocabulary Words!

Remnant- Leftover piece/memory of something Raiment- Clothing Sonorous- Deep voice/sound Somnolent- Sleepy Vittles- Food, supplies Caisson- Chest or wagon for holding bullets, Diadem- Crown Dyad- Two opposing sides Diodes- Two terminal electrical component Exegesis- Summary/interpretation of a text Funicular- Cable car Fusillade- Round of shots or fireworks Capacious- Roomy Osculate- Kiss or to be tangent[…]

Test Your Vocabulary!

Municipal- County or Local Lattice- A wooden frame Preclude- Prevent, cut off possibilities Tyrant- Ruthless dictator Efficacious- Efficient, helpful Calamity- Disaster Revel- Partying/Enjoying Sparring- Dueling physically, or engaging in an argument Portend- Predict into the future Pontificate- Lecture in a bossy tone Proscription- Not allowed, not permitted Vagary- Unpredictable or extravagant action or notion Alderman-[…]

More Words of the Week!

Truculent- Fierce, cruel, savage Extenuating- Mitigating/lessening the severity of Novice- Beginner/Apprentice Venerable- Respected because of age. Incipient- Initial stage/ coming into being Congenial- Pleasant/agreeable Ad hoc- Improvised, makeshift solution designed for a specific problem or task, non- generalizable, and which cannot be adapted to other purposes Status quo- Current situation Subjugate- Bring under control/ dominate (political[…]

Words of the Week!

Dilettante- A person who is interested in something like the arts, but does not really know a lot about it. Recidivist- A criminal who repeats the offense Robust- Strong Plight- Suffering/Bad situation Complicity- Participating in a crime Arbor- Related to the earth or trees Eulogy- Tribute (+) for someone who died Felicity- Great happiness Felicitous- Pleasing/lucky[…]

Problem Solving and Data Analysis

Verizona offers a cell phone plan that provides 250 free text message. After that, consumers pay $0.05/message. Sprintina  has a plan that charges $0.02/message. At what quantity of messages do Verizona and Sprintina cost the same. 12x–y=8x+40x+6y=50 Find the value of y–x. Point A: (11, 5) Point B: (-4,-3) Point C: (10.5,-4) Point D: (2,4) Find[…]

Functions, Geometry, Passport to Advanced Math

There is a class of 10 students. How many ways can the teacher pick 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes? In a set of 12 girls, how many groups of 4 winners can be made? 18 students are running for 5 student council seats. How many winning sets can be formed? 12 swimmers compete for[…]

Geometry and Passport to Advanced Math

Find the surface area of a sphere with the volume of 27π. A factory in Hackensack manufactures T-shirts. The factory has monthly operating costs of $14,000 per month regardless of how many shirts are produced. Additionally, the factory must spend $7.45 for each shirt produced. In July, the total factory costs were $19,000. Approximately how[…]

Functions and Exponents-Heart of Algebra

Staples now sells their own notebooks. Making notebook has a fixed factory cost of$6,000 and a per unit cost of $0.58 per notebook. Staples sells these notebooks for $3.99 each. As a function of the number of notebooks staples sells (n), write an equation for Staples’ profit P(n). How many notebooks does Staples need to[…]

Heart of Algebra Simplifying, Problem Solving, Geometry

How many integers between 0 and 999 contain a single digit that is a 7? The probability of scoring 90 or above is .35 in a group of 11 students, find the probability that 10 or 11 score a 90 or above? In a bag there are 6 blue marbles, 4 red marbles, 7 yellow[…]