Problem Solving and Data Analysis

  1. Verizona offers a cell phone plan that provides 250 free text message. After that, consumers pay $0.05/message. Sprintina  has a plan that charges $0.02/message. At what quantity of messages do Verizona and Sprintina cost the same.
  2. 12xy=8x+40x+6y=50 Find the value of yx.
  3. Point A: (11, 5)
    Point B: (-4,-3)
    Point C: (10.5,-4)
    Point D: (2,4)

    1. Find the distance AB.
    2. Find slope of the line between A and B.
    3. Find the midpoint of AB.
  4. A cat initially weighs 3 pounds, but gains 40% of his weight every 13 months. Find his weight after 4 years.
  5. Alan invests in 4 stocks, each with a different return. Find average return: Red stock:  +$4 Blue stock: +$5 Yellow stock: $0 Orange stock: -$3
  6. 9a-10=15b and 18a-20=100b. Find all solutions for a and b.
  7. The total cost of a party is $185. If the cost is shared equally by f friends, how much does each friend spend?
  8. Alan owns 40% more stocks than bonds. If he owns $380 in stocks, how much money does he have invested in bonds?
  9. Line s passes through (2, 5) and is perpendicular to 5x-4y=20. If line s is written in y=mx+b notation, find b.
  10. Many economists think that the price of oil has a negative, linear relationship to stock prices. Suppose that the stock market has a base value of 5,000 points even when oil is free or the price of oil is zero. Years later, economists realize that the actual base value of the stock market when oil is free is 7,500. Which of the following describes the change in the graphical representation of stock market value and oil prices?
    1. The y-intercept would increase by 50%
    2. The slope would decrease
    3. The y-intercept would increase by 150%
    4. Both a and b
  11. A food blogger from America travels to England to critique English cuisine. When eating out, the blogger buys a dish that costs 22.50 British Pounds. There is an additional 12% sales tax. The blogger spends 37.65 US Dollars. What is the exchange rate in British Pounds per 1 US Dollar?
    1. 0.73
    2. 0.67
    3. 0.64
    4. 0.62
    5. 0.58
  12. Kathy is on vacation in Japan. How much Yen can she get if she only has 100 US Dollars to spend? The exchange rate is 119.48 Yen per 1 US Dollar. There is also a 6% fee on the converted amount.
    1. 14,682.95
    2. 11,231.12
    3. 12,664.96
    4. 13,476.98
  13. Timothy goes shopping during a sale at his favorite store. The sale is for 20% off all games. He uses a 10% off coupon on his purchase. Timothy also purchases a specialty item for $18 on which the coupon and sale do not apply. His purchase over all has a sales tax of 8%. Which function below models the total cost (c) of his purchase if Timothy buys g dollars worth of games?
    1. c(g)=1.08(0.9(0.8g)+18)
    2. c(g)=0.9(0.8(1.08g)+18)
    3. c(g)=0.08(0.1(0.2g)+18)
    4. c(g)=1.08(0.1(0.8g)+18)
  14. Krista is going on a road trip using a rental car. There is an untaxed base fee of $8 and then each mile is $0.05 and taxed at 0.5%. What is the total cost (c) of the car if Krista drives for m amount of miles?
    1. c(m)=1.05(0.05m)+8
    2. c(m)=0.05(0.05m)+8
    3. c(m)=1.005(0.05m)+8
    4. c(m)=1.005(5m)+8
  15. Jan’s printer can print 435 pages per cartridge when doing about 4 pages per minute.  How many cartridges are used when the printer is running for 3 hours?
    1. 1.66
    2. 1.72
    3. 1.76
    4. 1.82