5 tips to improve your reasoning skills

How to be a better test taker? How to be a better test taker? Master these 5 logical reasoning tips Necessary versus sufficient conditions. Suppose that all hospitals with a grade of A have high levels of patient confidentiality. Now suppose that Elmpark Hospital has a high levels of patient confidentiality. Can we conclude that[…]

How can you pick the best homework helper/tutor for your child?

1. Go with an expert-As children get older, the coursework becomes harder and harder. By 8th grade, parents may struggle to assist their children with daily homework. We recommend that parents use tutors who have undergraduate degrees in substantive fields like English, the sciences, or math rather than a general degree in elementary education. 2. Local-Choose a tutor who[…]

5 Tips for Back to School Success

  1. Start early. Make sure all summer reading is complete so your child does not start the year behind. 2. Make a plan. Talk with your child and together make a nightly schedule for homework, sports, and family time. 3. Integration. Reach out to your child’s teachers, advisors, and administrative mentors as soon as[…]

5 Tips to Become a Better Test Taker:

  How can I become a better standardized test taker? Whether you are taking the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, or MCAT, follow these 5 tips. 1. Stay uni-focused. Never think about what you are missing out on when you take practice tests or are studying. Only think about mastering the material in front of you. 2. No[…]

5 Tips for Standardized Math Tests-SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT

  Follow these math tips to improve your score and become a better test taker! 1. Know what you are looking for. Questions may seem simple, but many have a twist at the end that can make you choose the wrong answer. For example, the question may be asking for x + 5, not just x. Paying attention[…]

5 Tips to Become a Better Reader at Any Age

No matter your age, with these quick tips you can become a better reader. 1. Find the subject and verb in every sentence. The meaning of the sentence centers on the subject and verb.   2. Mentally, put prepositional phrases in parentheses to understand the meaning faster and easier.   3. Do not re-read. Read once[…]

Top Eight Tips for the ISEE Test

1. Review vocabulary words for the days leading up to the test. The most common ISEE vocab words include -Acclaim- to praise -Aesthetic- related to beauty -Sentimental- Nostalgic-Related to a positive emotional connection to the past -Banal- cliché-commonplace, not original, boring 2. Exercise the day before the test. Try to tire yourself out and get to[…]

5 Tips to pick the best high school for your child

How to pick the best high school for your child: 1. Do not think too much about environment-Most schools are big enough that any child can find his or her way. 2. Prioritize academics, course offerings, and college admissions statistics 3. Location, location-forcing your child to commute more than 30 minutes per day creates added stress and[…]

ISEE Math Topics-Upper Level

  There are more topics than you may think on the ISEE Mathematics Achievement Test and the ISEE Quantitative Reasoning Test Make sure your child has a firm foundation in these math 8 topics 1. Grouping like terms with variables and exponents 2. Absolute value equations 3. Absolute value inequalities 4. Mean median mode 5. Factor[…]

Math League Practice Grades 4 and 5

What is the value of 117 ones plus 2 hundred plus 18 tens? Sam can read 8 pages is 4 days and Tom can read 9 pages in 18 days. How many days does it take for them to read 100 pages together? Alan scored 100, 84, 92, and 120 on different tests. What is[…]