ISEE Test-How can your child study for this test?

ISEE Test-What can your child study?
1. Start with vocabulary. We offer middle-high school level vocab lists to start with. Alternatively, use the list in a Kaplan, Princeton Review, or Barron’s book. Even if your child studies Wordly Wise in School, that is not enough.
2. Math Achievement. Here is a checklist of major topics that your 8th grader needs to know:
Algebra solving
Work problems
Part-Part ratios
Area and Circumfrence of Circles/Arcs/Sectors
Distance Formula
45-45-90 and 30-60-90 right triangles
Pythagorean Theorem
3. Reading Comprehension. The best way to work on reading comp is practice through using a review book or ISEE test available through ERBLearn. Also, encourage your child to start reading newspaper articles. Discuss the articles, point of view, biases, etc…
4. Quantitative Comparison-This is one of the trickiest sections of the ISEE test. Students need to compare 2 equations or quantities and report which one is larger. This skill comes through practice as well as strong arithmetic and algebraic skills. 
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The ISEE test is used for admission to competitive private schools like Horace Mann, Fieldston, Dalton, Riverdale Country School, and Dwight Englewood.