Top Tips For The ISEE Test

1. Review vocabulary words for the days leading up to the test. The most common ISEE vocab words include
-Acclaim-to praise
-Aesthetic-related to beauty
-Sentimental-Nostalgic-Related to a positive emotional connection to the past
-Banal-cliché-commonplace, not original, boring

2. Exercise the day before the test. Try to tire yourself out and get to bed early. Plan to be at the testing center for a little over 3 hours.
3. Eat a large breakfast. Bring drinks and a small snack to the test center
4. Wear comfortable clothes-sweatshirt etc…
5. Get in the zone-block out all distractions around you. Do not pay attention to the other students at the testing center even if they are friends from school. This is YOUR time to perform.
6. Remember to bring your ID, admissions ticket, and #2 pencils  to the testing center. No cell phones or calculators are allowed in the testing room.
7. Review basic math formulas the night before the test. Besides the formulas and vocab, we recommend to most students that they avoid intensive studying right before.
8. Stay Calm. Think about how prepared you are for this test and just do your best!

*Please note, the ISEE can only be taken one time per testing cycle. If your child is sick the day of the test, it is better to reschedule.
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