Do You Know What All of These Words Mean?

Brood- Young of an animal Confer- Discuss/conference with Din- Noisy Disinter- To take out of original place Dole- To distribute out Ensconce- To settle in or to hide Forelock- Front of a horse’s mane Gambol- To play light heartedly Ignominious- Bringing shame Knoll- Hill Machination- Sneaky plot Maxim- A saying that is widely accepted Poultice-[…]

Even More Words of the Week!

Impish- Annoying or annoyingly playful Gaucho- Cowboy, masculine and adventurous Gist- The basic idea of something Imputation- An accusation of guild Chaste- Pure Errant- Wandering Fallacious- Misleading Phlegmatic- Stoic, showing little emotion Mellifluous- Softly flowing Magnanimity- Generosity Scrupulous- Moral, honest, sticking to rules Tenacious- Persistent, stubborn Bane- Cause of death or ruin Ardor- Intensity Dogged-[…]

More Words of the Week!

Clandestine- Secret Prophetic- Seeing into the future Trivial- Unimportant Dissent- Disagree with Surmise- Presume Depravity- Moral corruption Jeopardize- Put in danger Scrutinize- Criticize Slipshod- Haphazardly Extrapolate- To pull out of Onerous- Strenuous, difficult, bothersome Irreproachable- Beyond reproach (too holy to be criticized) Affliction- Misery, pain, grief Cacophony- Harsh/loud sounds Rehash- Repeat Expendable- Worthless Ameliorate- Soothe,[…]

Words of the Week!

Amalgamation- Mixture, coming together of things Callous- Rough Copious- Excessive Sporadic- Here and there Motley- Array Ratify- Approve Affable- Friendly Arcane- Mysterious, understood by a few Candid- Honest, frank Eradicate- Get rid of completely Entourage- Group of followers Faction- Part of Dearth- Absence of Esoteric- Academic, Understood by a few Ineffectual- Weak, not bringing about[…]


Which of the following accurately describes the graph of 1=x²/4+y²/5 on an x-y coordinate plane? An ellipse A hyperbola A parabola A circle A line If G(x)=4x²-12, find G¯¹(x) Find the determinant of the 2×2 Matrix: 8 15 -1 12 A store initially sells 16 items per day, but each day the store sells 6[…]

How can you pick the best homework helper/tutor for your child?

1. Go with an expert-As children get older, the coursework becomes harder and harder. By 8th grade, parents may struggle to assist their children with daily homework. We recommend that parents use tutors who have undergraduate degrees in substantive fields like English, the sciences, or math rather than a general degree in elementary education. 2. Local-Choose a tutor who[…]

ACT Writing Tips

Set up the debate in your introduction. State the two sides of the argument and let the reader know where you stand. Avoid the passive voice throughout your essay. You active verb (see verb sheet for ideas). Do not use the verb tobe (is, was, will be, are, am, etc…). Do not use the first[…]

10 Tips for the PSAT

1. Complex conjugate- Multiply numerator and denominator by the complex conjugate 2. Possessive Girl’s room=1 girl with 1 room Girls’ rooms=many girls with many rooms Girls’ room=many girls with 1 room Girl’s rooms=1 girl with many rooms 3. Contractions vs. Possessive They’re=They are It’s=It is Its=possessive (The dog chews its bone) Its’ NOT A WORD NEVER[…]

5 Tips for Back to School Success

  1. Start early. Make sure all summer reading is complete so your child does not start the year behind. 2. Make a plan. Talk with your child and together make a nightly schedule for homework, sports, and family time. 3. Integration. Reach out to your child’s teachers, advisors, and administrative mentors as soon as[…]

5 Tips to Become a Better Test Taker:

  How can I become a better standardized test taker? Whether you are taking the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, or MCAT, follow these 5 tips. 1. Stay uni-focused. Never think about what you are missing out on when you take practice tests or are studying. Only think about mastering the material in front of you. 2. No[…]