Test Your Vocabulary!

Municipal- County or Local

Lattice- A wooden frame

Preclude- Prevent, cut off possibilities

Tyrant- Ruthless dictator

Efficacious- Efficient, helpful

Calamity- Disaster

Revel- Partying/Enjoying

Sparring- Dueling physically, or engaging in an argument

Portend- Predict into the future

Pontificate- Lecture in a bossy tone

Proscription- Not allowed, not permitted

Vagary- Unpredictable or extravagant action or notion

Alderman- City council person

Demographic- Particular sector of a population

Dullard- Stupid, mentally slow

Flummoxed- Confused

Lachrymose- Sad

Byzantine- Difficult to figure out

Beadle- Lay official in a church