Important Vocabulary Words!

Remnant- Leftover piece/memory of something

Raiment- Clothing

Sonorous- Deep voice/sound

Somnolent- Sleepy

Vittles- Food, supplies

Caisson- Chest or wagon for holding bullets,

Diadem- Crown

Dyad- Two opposing sides

Diodes- Two terminal electrical component

Exegesis- Summary/interpretation of a text

Funicular- Cable car

Fusillade- Round of shots or fireworks

Capacious- Roomy

Osculate- Kiss or to be tangent to

Baffle- To confuse

Scoundrel- Dishonest person

Viable- Possible

Forebear- Ancestor

Snarl- Facial expression that shows teeth (-)

Constituency- The residents of a district (political)

Debacle- A sudden, disastrous collapse, downfall

Endorse- Approve, support

Incumbent- Current office holder

Partisan- One‐sided; prejudiced; committed

Abdicate- Renounce; give up

Antiquated- Obsolete; outdated

Bourgeois- Middle class; selfishly materialistic

Caste- Hereditary social classes

Emancipate- To set free

Enterprising- Ready to undertake ambitious projects

Expedite- To hasten the process of

Forfeit- To lose or surrender

Franchise- Business licensed to sell a product in a territory

Impecunious- Without money

Industrious- Diligent, hard‐working, productive

Insolvent- Bankrupt, lacking money to pay

Jargon- Language used by a particular group or business

Lucrative- Highly profitable