More Words of the Week!

Truculent- Fierce, cruel, savage Extenuating- Mitigating/lessening the severity of Novice- Beginner/Apprentice Venerable- Respected because of age. Incipient- Initial stage/ coming into being Congenial- Pleasant/agreeable Ad hoc- Improvised, makeshift solution designed for a specific problem or task, non- generalizable, and which cannot be adapted to other purposes Status quo- Current situation Subjugate- Bring under control/ dominate (political[…]

Test Your Functions Knowledge

f(a)=2a2-80 If f(2c)=100, what is the value of c? x∆y=4x-2y+3xy This describes a relation for any two real numbers, x+y. If (2a+1)∆4=50, find the value of a∆a? c∇d=4ac+2cd+8d-8 If 4∇5=240, find 2∇3. Sales (s) are a function of price (p). s(p)=2p-14c+1800. When price is $8.00, sales are $1800.00. What should price be in order for sales to reach[…]

SAT Math Overview

What is the New SAT Math? What does it cover? It’s About the Real World Instead of testing every math topic, the questions ask you to use the most commonly used math formulas. The Questions for on math that you’ll need in college classes, future jobs, and personal life. Quick Facts Most math questions will[…]

TSG- Who We Are and What We Can Do For You

TSG courses and tutoring programs provide an exceptional opportunity to learn the ins and outs of college entrance exams at an affordable price for parents. Standardized tests are difficult for nearly every student. We make the test prep process as seamless as possible. Founded in 2011, TSG has helped hundreds of students to reach new heights of academic[…]

ISEE Practice problems

1. The average score of 6 students is 98. We know 5 of their scores: 92,50,68,99,120. Find the sixth score. 2. The average price of 7 items is $40.00. The average of 5 of them is $23.00. Find the average of the other 2 items. 3. For what value of x does G(x)=0? For what value of[…]

Math Problem Set 8

1. When y=kx, k is a constant and when y=50, x=12. Find y when x is 5. 2. If When a=10, b=20. Find b when a=15. 3. 8+12x is 18 more than 35. What is the value of 20x. 4. For what value of n is |n-2|+6 equal to zero? 5. A=1009 + 7.08t. Find[…]

Helpful SAT/ACT Math Formulas

Vcylinder = πr²h SAcylinder = 2πr² Vsphere = (4/3)πr³ SAsphere = 4πr² Vcube = s³ SAcube = 6s² Face Diagonal (cube) = s√2 Inner Diagonal (cube) = s√3 Graph a circle: (x-h)²+(y-k)²=r² Parabola: y=a(x-h)²+k a>0 -> concave up a<0 -> concave down Total degree measure in polygon: (n− 2)(180) Degree measure of 1 angle in a reg. polygon:[…]

Quick and Easy ACT Hints

Look for contrast words When all answers are grammatically correct, look for meaning. Do you need 2 full sentences? Look for shortest possible answer “:” is for a list or definition Be careful about verb matching/parallel structure Each-singular Possessive or not It’s=it is Its possessive. The Dog chews its bone. There are 3 ways to[…]

ACT Math Practice

Set 1: Logarithms Find the value of log1832 if log418=2.08496 and log432=2.5 834 199 365 212 Find the value of . 6309 1469 3155 1575 Find the value of x. 095 315 481 698 0 1 4 16 2 3 Find the value of x. 750 492 293 368 Find the values of x. -3,[…]