ACT Summer Class-New Jersey

A picture from the ACT class Tutoring Solutions Group recently held.

A picture from the ACT class Tutoring Solutions Group recently held.

ACT Class Overview

  • Prepare for the ACT Test
  • Conquer all 4 sections of the test & the ACT essay
  • Practice with real ACT test questions
  • Receive individualized attention from a test prep expert
  • Reinforce your skills with weekly homework assignments

Program Highlights

English: Parallel structure, subject-verb agreement, verb choice, rhetorical skills

Math: Geometry, Trigonometry, Ratios, Algebra Word Problems

Reading: Speed Reading, Question-based approach

Science: Physics, Biology, and Chemistry passages and questions

ACT Changes

  1. All Reading Tests now feature a “Two Passage” section. Two authors write on a similar topic (obituaries, childhood, etc..).
  2. Statistics is now heavily emphasized in the Math test. Students must have a basic command of data and analysis. Statistics topics include box plots, stem & leaf plots, and regression equations.
  3. The English test now requires students to analyze where to insert a given sentence within the passage. Students must be able to quickly skim the passage and decide where the sentence fits.
  4. The ACT essay will change in 2016. The new ACT essay will require students to analyze multiple points of view and will no longer be focused on high school topics. Click here for more information on the ACT essay
  5. All Science Tests now feature a “Two Scientist” section. A controversial topic(global warming, quarks, craters) is explored by two scientists. Students must answer multiple choice questions that compare the different views presented.

Schedule: 8 Classes
June 19, June 20, June 21, June 22, June 23, June 26, June 27, June 28
10 am to 1pm
Fee: $1,500.00
Includes free proctored test

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